Monday, October 5, 2009

Sick of Sick

Corbin's home sick again, and of course his idea of an enjoyable activity has to be messing with his brother. Such fun! Gavin screams and a real life action game of Rockem Sockem Robots ensues. I've reached the point of just letting them "fight it out."

So why do boys find bowel movements so funny? It doesn't even matter what age? My brother at 26 or my dad at 53: "It's hilarious." Well, my mother doesn't help with this "wash your mouth out with soap" matter. She bought the boys 2 "poop books." I have to read them every night. What a calming feeling: reading about poop before you go to bed. Especially since my boys have to do the actions: making their faces red as if constipated, "where's the poop?" and then discovering it, and then making the sound effects with their lips. At the end of one of the poop books it has a nice graphic picture of some Indian (from India, not Native American) kid using the toilet. They show a nice long poop hanging from his ass. Corbin laughs hysterically and Gavin just looks at me, seriously and says, "Mom, that kid needs to spank that poop out." I was like, "What?" He told me that the other day he had tried to poop and it got stuck so he (imagine the actions as well) spanked his butt cheeks to break it free. Nice.

Their dad and their Uncle Chris don't help in this problem either. Uncle Chris told them the trick of farting on the campfire to make the flames rise. Of course, Gavin, Corbin and even Diego (though he'll deny it) spent the evening trying it out. I decided to not even try to make smores that night.

Being the mom, I get the wonderful joy of viewing all the nice poops in the toilet. "Mom, come see this snake." "Mom, this is a 'mongous one. It's a Man poop!" And then, I have to feign excitement.

Please let my next child be a girl.