Thursday, March 27, 2008

Corbin is obsessed with workbooks, to the point of driving me crazy. There is a reason I did not go into Elementary Education--I hate explaining "which one doesn't belong, which one comes next." Hence the great necessity of Sesame Street. Ernie explains perfectly. But, I guess I should be grateful. It could be worse. At least his addiction to video games has come to a halt. He has learned how to count money but doesn't quite understand where it comes from. "Mom, I know you are going to get paid more than $100 this week. A DS is only $129." What happened to keeping up with your friends being less expensive. Remember pogs and slap bracelets? Remember when they started getting confiscated? I'm not sure what the great issue was with pieces of circular cardboard with eyeballs and skateboards on the front or a bracelet/ruler with leopard print.

Gavin has rediscovered his Tickle Me Cookie Monster TMX. We had to spend 10 minutes today giggling and rolling over like little blue monster and then getting up again to start the process over. I'm tempted to remove the batteries. "Oh Honey, Cookie's just too tired."

I can bake a pumpkin swirl cheesecake, a chocoloate molten cake, a lemon merengue pie with perfection. How can I have such issues with chocolate chip cookies. They either come out too flat or not flat enough. Who, besides Mrs. Fields, has perfected this art? Let me know.

Diego's finally home. I feel like a newlywed. I've missed him so much. But, he'll be leaving again on Sunday to go to Wrestlemania (my husband the redneck). Watching grown men roll around on the mat and talk smack is more enticing than time alone with me. Talk about a self-esteem dropper. J/K

I'm starting to get tired of turning on the radio or turning on the computer and having to deal with the obnoxious political banter. I don't know why it's so complicated for these people. I can sum it up in one sentence: One's a racist hypocrite, one's a feminazi, and the other is a grumpy old man who can't make up his mind. Do we really have a good choice?


DrummerGirl said...

Who, besides Mrs. Fields, has perfected this art?
Steve is, apparently. He's super-chef.

DrummerGirl said...

You should hit up the Dollar Tree for workbooks. They have everything!!! Imagine that, a kid who likes workbooks!!! Can Corbin PLEASE come to my class?!?!?!