Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday we spent 3 exhausting hours at Gameworks. Corbin spent 3 hours chasing Penny and fighting with his dad over the game card. Gavin spent 2 hours trying to get a Lightning McQueen toy out of those claw of debt machines, knowing I could buy one for cheaper. The third hour, I had had my fill of gamers and geeks and took Gavin for ice cream. He wanted "Buloooo" icecream which he then proceeded to smear accross his face and nose. Then, ofcourse, kissing me and sharing the flattering color to my lips. My children are weird and I sometimes wonder if I've done something wrong. Here Gavin and I are in the little ice cream shop. There is a TV showing National Geographic channel. My son starts yelling, "Mom, look at the ZEBRA! Woah a lion and a Tigger and a snake!" After every animal he simply MUST make the appropriate animal sound. Why can't he be like one of those "normal" kids who finds educational shows boring.

And, since 3 hours of exhastion is not enough for Diego and his ADHD, we left to go to an Indy Car race. I actually love that environment. It makes me miss the South-lots of barbeque, turkey legs, funnel cakes. My favorite of the booths had to have been the "International Foods" booth. The menu consisted of bratwurst, pizza and sandwiches. Only in Miami, would these foods be "foreign." Three Doors Down played a concert outside the race--a total sign of the direction their careers are headed. After listening to the only 2 songs I knew, we went to find our seats. The race begins with the usual national anthem sung by the usual female, barely known, country singer. Fireworks blare and stealth fighters fly overhead. Gavin was freaked out. He hid between my legs, under the seats. "Gavin scared Mommy, Gavin scared." He and I spent the rest of the night outside. Being the lame mom that I am, I was sitting in the middle of the concrete racing cars and jumping and skipping over the lines of sidewalk. Suddenly, there were two "official race personel" behind us. I though we were in their way, so Gavin and I moved over--Gavin proceeding to jump. The officials still kept behind us and began skipping and jumping with Gavin. They gave him an Indy flag for his room--which he didn't really care about because he was too busy jumping. Not sure if that story is cute, funny, or kind of creepy.

Gavin still thinks he's a dog. For some reason, he turns into this "animal mode" whenever we go into the elevator. After he pushes the button, he's down on the floor barking and panting on all fours.

This morning Gavin and Corbin spent an hour chasing an imaginary bee. My voice was completely gone the other day, but is starting to come back, making me sound like Melissa Ethridge. Thank goodness I don't look like her though.

I would love to get my nails done. Pampering myself is a once every few months thing. I mostly have to do it myself, which never comes out as good. Hey Heather, maybe we could ask Obadiah for his manicuring tips. He had like Flo Jo claws.